Alexa SUP 5.0 Beta Now Available

Alexa SUP 5.0ARRI has released the beta version of SUP 5.0. If you have a spare Alexa lying about, download it, update and take a self-guided tour of the new features (like ARRI, I’m not saying go shoot with it on an actual project or TV series yet though).

Download the Release Notes to read about the new features. In the meantime, here’s a Continue reading


Updating to Lion

update to lionWhen you upgrade your operating system, you never know what sort of glitches you might encounter.  There is nothing worse, especially while on set, then finding that you can’t transfer footage and you have to perform a panicked backdate of your system.  This post is neither to praise nor slam Apple’s latest operating system release OS X 10.7.2 (although I will say that I am a big fan of the added gestures, app interface and cloud connectivity with my iPhone) but what I want to do is help you to be aware of any issues that may arise if you are upgrading your OS. Continue reading

Leave the Alexa and the Epic on the truck…

GoPro Hero2GoPro HD Hero2 does 120fps! Of course that’s only at WVGA. It will do 60fps at 720p though. OK, it’s still a GoPro. It does look like there are some worthy improvements: new sensor, better lens, new interface. One of the best new features is the Wi-Fi Remote and Wi-Fi BacPac Continue reading

Image artifacts on Alexa at slow shutter speeds

 Setting an Alexa to slow shutter speeds to capture a low light timelaps comes with a warning. Fixed pattern noise artifacts. This is an anomaly that is hard to avoid with long exposure times. The Alexa manual states  “Note: Be aware that combination of long exposure times (small sensor frame rate with large shutter angle) and high exposure indexes can lead to image artifacts! ” Continue reading

Weisscam footage

This is the first of hopefully many cool high speed Weisscam shots that I want to start to post here. I have a few more already that I’ll post as soon as possible, but please comment with suggestions for cool things to do with the Weisscam. (up to 2000fps 1920×1080)

This was pouring water into a glass at 1000fps. Basic lighting, 2k Arri Soft Fixture, and a 300w fresnel fixture. Standard gamma, no gain or colour correction. images straight out of camera recorded ProRes 422HQ on Ki Pro Mini.