Alexa SUP 5.0 Beta Now Available

Alexa SUP 5.0ARRI has released the beta version of SUP 5.0. If you have a spare Alexa lying about, download it, update and take a self-guided tour of the new features (like ARRI, I’m not saying go shoot with it on an actual project or TV series yet though).

Download the Release Notes to read about the new features. In the meantime, here’s a quick list (from the ARRI Release Notes):

  • 60 fps ARRIRAW over 3G Dual Link
  • 60 fps HD-SDI 4:4:4 over 3G Dual Link
  • ProRes 4444 with 60 fps when using SxS PRO 64 GB cards
  • Horizontal Image Mirroring (3D)
  • ARRI Look Files on playback of QuickTime/ProRes Log C files
  • Reel & clip number on MON OUT
  • Secure camera display dimming [you will have to hold the Back button and turn the dial to dim the display]
  • Active look indication [indicates that a Look file is applied to SxS, MON OUT, etc.]
  • Dual record error handling
  • Open Camera Access (OCA) initiative
  • Support for Lens Data Display for Focus Puller (LDD-FP) (Alexa Plus only)

60 fps ARRIRAW will, of course, require a Codex Onboard update (or S.two if that’s what you’re using). Also conspicuously absent, at least in the release notes, is the pattern generator that was previously promised.

We happen to have an Alexa and a Codex available to test pilot SUP 5.0 and will post our initial impressions as soon as we’ve had a chance to push some buttons and roll on something.


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