Poor Man’s Anamorphic?

Take one monofilament (fishing line), place a ball of snot tape above and below the sensor cover glass in your camera, colour the monofilament with a blue sharpie, stretch the line and attach in camera. The effect reflects and scatters sharp highlights horizontally across the image. There you have it, anamorphic lens flares… or at least part of the effect.
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Alexa SUP 5.0 and High Speed Licenses are available!

Alexa SUP 5.0 and High Speed LicenseAlexa SUP 5.0 and High Speed Licenses have been released for immediate download! This means 120fps ProRes422HQ on the new 64GB SxS cards and 60fps ProRes422HQ on the new cards without the license. SUP 5.0 brings a bunch of new features and improvements as well. Check out the very German 120fps demo video ARRI made:

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Alexa Avid DNxHD Support Announced for Early 2012

Avid LogoARRI has issued a press release announcing in-camera support for Avid’s DNxHD codec. ARRI doesn’t go into much technical detail, but they do say they are expanding the Alexa’s “parallel recording capability to include native support for Avid DNxHD“. ARRI says to expect the software update to be available in January 2012, with support for DNxHD 444 (440 Mbits/s) to follow shortly after. This will be a welcome feature for many productions as it will save them a transcoding step. For the full press release, Continue reading

What’s so great about 4K?

On the heels of yet another 4k camera announced by Canon this week, I think it valid to spend a bit of time on the subject of resolution. 4K and 3D are both popular buzz words for camera manufactures these days. As with everything else in the world of retail, being as good as or better than your competition, at least in print adds, is going to sell cameras. So why 4K, considering most cinematic digital projection is still 2K.

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