Alexa SUP 5.0 Impressions

Alexa SUP 5.0 BetaWe’ve taken SUP 5.0 for a test drive. Overall impression? The Alexa is feeling more and more like a completely developed camera with each update, and this is no exception. There are still a few features missing, but the details are almost all there. This is a beta version, so there may be further changes, but for now, here’s a rundown:

What We Like

  • 60fps ARRIRAW, I repeat, 60fps ARRIRAW
  • active Look file indicator in the home screen
  • false color index in the monitor out menu (we can stop making the laminated cards that get lost all the time!)
  • Look files on playback
  • horizontal image flip

What We Don’t Like

  • the new clip name in status info option places a dark grey bar with the clip name right across the bottom of the picture area, actually within the frame.

Look file indicator60fps ARRIRAW!clip name in image area?!false color index


One thought on “Alexa SUP 5.0 Impressions

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