FLICKERfree App.

Cinematography Electronics is offering a free App version of their Flicker Free Card. The App is downloadable from the Apple App Store for IPhone and IPod Touch only at the moment (Ipad version coming soon).It starts by asking if you are working in 50 or 60 Hz Line frequency. Then offers an easy user interface to scroll either FPS or Shutter angles, offering a list of available flicker free combinations that updates as you scroll. If multiple options are available it shows a numbered icon that opens a list. If any combination works (24fps, 30fps) it simply displays “Use Any” in the shutter angle window. The only aspect that seems a bit tedious is scrolling between numbers at the bottom. Going from 5deg shutter angle and 180 deg takes 11 swipes across the screen. That aside, a great app.


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