Just what do you do with an Alexa M anyway?

Here are some ideas:


Adobe Speed Grade

Adobe recently purchased IRIDAS Speed Grade. I know a few DIT’s who have been waiting patiently to see what Adobe would do with the program. The good news is that it is a full of integration with CS 6, the bad news is that they have abandoned the Speed Grade Onset functionality. It’s now a solid tool for post, but no longer a suitable on set LUT creation tool. The other kicker, (unless you don’t already own a copy) is that they now include it for free bundled with CS. Apart from that, the integration and communication with Premier is everything you could want it to be.

Small HD DP7 OLED Monitor

Small HD has just announced the DP7 Pro, a 7″ OLED monitor that frankly looks fantastic. The Monitor shown at NAB was still not finished. When released in the fall it will also offer HDMI in to SDI out conversion as well as up conversion, and cross conversion in monitor.

Since I was in their booth, I had a chance to talk to one of their product specialists about build quality. We had been putting Velcro tabs on the front bezel of the monitors to attach protective plexi sheets over the screen. When you rip off the velcro off comes the whole front bezel of the monitor. Not only have they already changed the design to make it stronger, they have also switched to a stronger, more durable plastic for the housing.

Black Magic Cinema Camera

Blackmagic Design, maker of video signal processors and the colour-grading tool DaVinci Resolve,  has jumped into the camera market with a product that is still baffling me hours after seeing it in action.  The specs seem almost too good for the price point. Continue reading

Sony anounces the FS700 camera

The FS700  is a new camera from Sony, set to fit in line just below the F3. Major features include a 4k super35mm sensor that is planned to one day offer more than the current 1080 4.2.0 AVCHD recording to SD, and high frame rates including a reportedly capable 240fps buffered in camera and up to 960fps at low resolution. This could be a really interesting fit for the indie or documentary film maker.

Also check out Frank Glencairn’s hands on review.

Extra monitor out on an Alexa?

One of our Alexa shows recently encountered a situation where they really needed an extra monitor out with separate menu options. They were using ARRI Look files for monitoring out to the director and video village. The camera assistant was also using the monitor out for his on-board monitor. The DP and DIT were using the record out with Log-C and referencing back and forth to the Look files they had built in prep. Continue reading