Extra monitor out on an Alexa?

One of our Alexa shows recently encountered a situation where they really needed an extra monitor out with separate menu options. They were using ARRI Look files for monitoring out to the director and video village. The camera assistant was also using the monitor out for his on-board monitor. The DP and DIT were using the record out with Log-C and referencing back and forth to the Look files they had built in prep.

Being a largely hand-held, wide-open show, the camera assistant needed to add in-camera peaking to the monitor out. “Unfortunately” ARRI built a very nice peaking tool into the camera that in a lot of cases is better than the tools built into the monitors. The director had a different opinion of the peaking now being sent to his monitors.

The solution we came up with was to use one of the two record outs as a separate monitor out. The assistant could set up the on-board monitor the way he needed, and using the Log-C output through a Black Magic HD Link box and Pomfort Livegrade, the DIT could load the appropriate look file into the HD Link box and offer the same look as the monitor out, but without the frame lines, surround view, status info or peaking.

The upside to this was that the look from monitor out and record out with Black Magic HD Link box are an almost perfect match when compared on a wave form monitor.  The downside is that the record out has to be legalized to match the legal output from the monitor out, or the Look files need to be modified to make the extended to legal push.


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