Finding the Serial number of that problem Alexa when everything else fails.

There are lots of ways to determine the serial number of an Alexa from a ProRes clip. This becomes important when trying to track back a problem in a clip. Now besides the notes that most likely go to post that include such useful info, I’m pretending that they got lost or the camera report didn’t mention the serial number. I’m also pretending that the camera letter at the front of the file name won’t help because A and B camera have been swapped around and exchanged. It happens.  I am also pretending that you don’t have an iTunes account and can’t download Clip Meta Viewer. A very useful app that decodes a ton of metadata out of any Alexa ProRes clip, including the serial number of the body. This is your last resort option, but cool.  The last few digits of the file name are a “unique Camera ID” number. If you have an internet connection, you can go to:

The last three digits are a Base-36 encoded version of the 4digit serial number. If you enter them into the first box set to Base-36, and set the second box to Decimal, it will give you the magic number.