Alexa Monochrome Infrared

Leica Monochrome, Epic Monochrome, Alexa Monochrome?  There is a small experimental trend in top camera manufactures to offer a solution for black and white. On film, black and white has the ability to capture nuances of light and shadow that just can’t happen on color stock. On digital it can be the same, but the sensor processing and filtration is different. Instead of red green and blue dedicated pixels, all of the pixels are dedicated to luminance. Depending on the calibration of the pixels, this could open up exposure latitude as well as resolution.  There is little info on the Alexa Prototype, so I will dig out as much as I can. I happen to be a huge fan of black and white.


Blue Streak Filter Test

blue 1 inside There are a number of options to adding cool streaky flares to your shots. I have discussed  one of these before with a previous post called Poor Man’s Anamorphic.  A more effective way to achieve this look is with an actual blue streak filter.  Blue for that matter is just the popular option. Schneider, for example, makes a full range of streak colour options like orange, pink, green, clear…. The filter works by a series of blue lines across a glass filter. as a bright light source hits the line, it flares the light out sideways to cast a line of light across the image.  A vertical line will cast light along the horizon. Continue reading

Digital Full Gate Anamorphic

There is a revolution growing with a modern take on Anamorphic optics in cinema. A growing list of manufacturers are producing new exciting gear to offer new options to productions. CinemaScope as it was originally called offered the audience a peripherally fulfilling experience. It also compensated for less than ideal film grain by using more of the negative surface. Today, these advantages can still apply. Continue reading

4K Meets Highspeed

For-A has just announced a High Speed 4K (4096 x 2160) camera capable of capturing full resolution up to 1000fps. The camera captures 8.5 seconds of footage at it’s top end to an Internal RAM buffer (aprox. 6min. playback time). It offloads raw camera data to one of two hot-swappable SSD cartridges. Footage is instantly ready for on camera playback at either 4k or 1080p. The processing for playback is separate from the capture processing, so playback and recording can happen simultaneously.  The camera will come standard with a PL mount.