Alexa SUP 5.0 Impressions

Alexa SUP 5.0 BetaWe’ve taken SUP 5.0 for a test drive. Overall impression? The Alexa is feeling more and more like a completely developed camera with each update, and this is no exception. There are still a few features missing, but the details are almost all there. This is a beta version, so there may be further changes, but for now, here’s a rundown: Continue reading


Alexa SUP 5.0 Beta Now Available

Alexa SUP 5.0ARRI has released the beta version of SUP 5.0. If you have a spare Alexa lying about, download it, update and take a self-guided tour of the new features (like ARRI, I’m not saying go shoot with it on an actual project or TV series yet though).

Download the Release Notes to read about the new features. In the meantime, here’s a Continue reading