Extra monitor out on an Alexa?

One of our Alexa shows recently encountered a situation where they really needed an extra monitor out with separate menu options. They were using ARRI Look files for monitoring out to the director and video village. The camera assistant was also using the monitor out for his on-board monitor. The DP and DIT were using the record out with Log-C and referencing back and forth to the Look files they had built in prep. Continue reading


Pomfort Live Grade

Pomfort, makers of Silverstack Data Management Software, have announced the beta release of their grading software Live Grade. Designed to integrate with Alexa workflow, the software is a control interface for Black Magic’s HD Link Box to offer live grading of an HDSDI Stream and control up to 8 HD Link Boxes. The interface is very simple, and allows the user to create a new project,  add grading events that can be easily recalled, and save 3D LUTS or save Alexa Look Files. Unlike Arri’s free Look Generator tool, Live Grade allows you to modify the Tone Map (gamma curve).The beta Release is a free download that is active for 33 days and they are actively looking for feed back so give it a test drive.