How to Genlock a Red Epic and why

timecodeGenlock has been a tool used in the broadcast world for years for multi-camera shoots. It does have a place in the feature film world for 3D, but doesn’t hit the radar very often. The Red Epic Camera is a common choice for Feature films, episodic television, and commercials, and happens to be an ideal choice for 3D for it’s form factor. 3D may or may not be a passing phase, and really only viable for the large theatrical feature, so why should we all know how to Genlock the camera? Continue reading


IR + ND with Epic and Alexa

The question came up recently regarding a Red Epic camera and IR Filters.  Here’s the background. Digital cameras are very sensitive to light, and the infrared spectrum can cause your blacks to look red, also known as IR Contamination. The sensor cover glass in the camera is calibrated to remove Inferred light to give you the best colour rendition.  ND filters will block light, but not in the infrared spectrum, so the more light you block with ND filters, the higher the ratio is of IR light. Over a certain level, the built in filtration is not enough. Arri recommends the use of IR Filtration at and above ND.9.  I haven’t yet seen any specific recommendations from Red so I think it calls for a test. Continue reading

Updating to Lion

update to lionWhen you upgrade your operating system, you never know what sort of glitches you might encounter.  There is nothing worse, especially while on set, then finding that you can’t transfer footage and you have to perform a panicked backdate of your system.  This post is neither to praise nor slam Apple’s latest operating system release OS X 10.7.2 (although I will say that I am a big fan of the added gestures, app interface and cloud connectivity with my iPhone) but what I want to do is help you to be aware of any issues that may arise if you are upgrading your OS. Continue reading