Infrared Test

After seeing what Arri put out on their Facebook page the other day, I wanted to try to achieve something similar.   For my test I used an Alexa Plus 4:3 with a Zeiss Master Prime at T1.3, and an EK87 Infrared filter.  The Camera was set to 3200iso, 5600° kelvin, 358° shutter. 



Blue Streak Filter Test

blue 1 inside There are a number of options to adding cool streaky flares to your shots. I have discussed  one of these before with a previous post called Poor Man’s Anamorphic.  A more effective way to achieve this look is with an actual blue streak filter.  Blue for that matter is just the popular option. Schneider, for example, makes a full range of streak colour options like orange, pink, green, clear…. The filter works by a series of blue lines across a glass filter. as a bright light source hits the line, it flares the light out sideways to cast a line of light across the image.  A vertical line will cast light along the horizon. Continue reading